Carotino produces a range of Natural Vitamin Rich Oils and Oleins for use in a wide variety of food manufacturing processes. Carotino Oils and Oleins are naturally reddish in colour and they are normally used as oil and fat medium. In addition, they can also be used as natural colourant in making foods appetising by imparting a natural golden appealing appearance without having to add any artificial colourant. 

By varying the quantity of natural carotenes in the oil or olein, the colour of the finished foods such as potato crisps, french fries, pastas, noodles, snacks, biscuits, confectionery and other baked products can vary from light yellow to golden yellow colour.








Packaging sizes: 5kg PET bottle / 5liter, 10liter & 20liter jerry can / 20kg BIB / 17kg tin / 190kg drum / 20MT flexibag