This Plant is the world’s first Integrated Palm Biodiesel Plant because CAROTINO Sdn Bhd is a vertically integrated company that produces Palm Biodiesel all the way from Plantations. The company processes its own FFB, produces its own CPO, refines CPO to RBD Palm Oil and then converts it in to Palm Biodiesel.

This is also the first plant in the world which can produce biodiesel from palm oil that can be used in temperate countries to meet the seasonal cold filter plugging point (CFPP) requirements (summer grade, 0 C; spring and autumn grades, -9 C; and winter grade, -21  C). The plant produces two grade of palm biodiesel i.e. regular (+15 CFPP) and winter grades up to -21 C.

Regular Palm Biodiesel has a CFPP of +15 C, which can only be used in summer season and tropical countries. It is unsuitable for cold climate unless it is blended with mineral diesel or other biodiesel with low CFPP. Winter grade palm biodiesel with low CFPP of -21 C is suitable as diesel substitute in all countries through out the year.

To the best of our knowledge, at the moment, no biodiesel plant in the world can produce low CFPP biodiesel from palm oil.