Animal Feed

Fat is the most economical source of energy concentrate for animal feed. 
CAROTINO Animal Feed (CAF100 & CAF1000) has a high proportion of palmitic acid with 99% fat content. This specialised feed fat improves metabolism and fertility, prevents oxidation of free radicals and improves lactation.

Intensive farming and feeding of livestock demands the best animal nutrition to keep production at peak operating efficiency. Incorporation of fats into farm feed provides special benefits to the animals by boosting energy levels.

In animals that are heat stressed and produce too much heat during digestion of high fibre and starch, grain-based feeds will reduce feed intake thereby reducing rate of growth. This effect is alleviated by use of CAF100 and CAF1000 in hot and humid conditions.

CAF100 and CAF1000 are specially formulated feed fat in bead form that are significant source of natural anti-oxidants with their natural carotenes and Vitamin E.

Packaging size: 25kg bag

  CAF100  CAF1000  



  • Contains natural carotenoids and vitamin E
  • Provides anti-oxidant protection against diseases.
  • Minimum 99.5% fat
  • High energy level
  • Anti-heat sensitizer
  • Help improve body immune system
  • Help improve shelf life
  • Improves feed conversion rates as a result of more energy
  • Provides solubilising medium for some nutrients
  • Improves ration energy density
  • Is more energy efficient due to the fact that it produces very little heat energy during digestion
  • 100% natural vegetable source
  • High content of palmitic acid
  • No trans fatty acids
  • Effective carrier for other fat- soluble vitamins
  • Contains over twice the amount of energy found in grains and also a good supplement for early lactating cows
  • Provides 2 to 3 times the energy of carbohydrates